Donovan Marine

  • New Orleans, LA (Headquarters)  |
  • Harvey, LA  |
  • Houston, TX  |
  • Pensacola, FL  |
  • Jacksonville, FL  |
  • Clearwater, FL  |
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL  |
  • Miami, FL  |
  • Charleston, SC  |
  • Nashville, TN  |
  • Annapolis, MD  |
  • Norwich, CT  |
  • Chicago, IL  |
  • Chicago, IL  |
  • Little Rock, AR  |
  • Birmingham, AL  |
  • Charlotte, NC  |
  • Denton, TX  |
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Locations Nationwide

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Donovan Marine is Positioned to Satisfy Your Future Needs.
By utilizing new technologies as well as tried-and-trusted sales methods we are making business easier. An example of that would be this site is now designed to work on your mobile applications, give it a try...
We believe our greatest asset is our people, as you work with this new eCommerce portal and can't find your needs, please give us a call 800-fishing.
To better serve you we have adjusted our daily activity to meet your needs to cover the eastern and central time zones so that office hours to talk with someone are from 7:30 AM EST to 5:00 PM CST.
There you will find an experienced business person to deal with you on a one to one basis. Our staff includes mechanical, process, hydraulic and electrical propulsion engineers, as well as factory trained customer service. With qualified personnel to meet your needs in recreational and commercial boating.